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    [old UMRA supporting data, letters, etc. - Links broken]

Dedication of the Bureau of Mines Morgantown Experiment Station

Supplement to the Morgantown Post, May 13, 1955

An oversize page .PDF file scanned from the newspaper which contains pictures and decsriptions of the facilities, mission, and staff of the facility. The "station" has more recently been known as METC - the Morgantown Energy Technology Center, and currently as part NETL - the National Energy Technology Center of the US Department of Energy.

Don Strimbeck, our Secretary, was recently interviewed as part of a US Department of Energy project to trace the history of the National Energy Technology Laboratory. The full document NETL: A Century of Innovation can be found on the webite http://www.netl.doe.gov The entire book may be downloaded as a .PDF file. With regard to Mon Valley history, the story starts with "Chapter One: Pittsburgh — the Center for Coal." On the Upper Mon, there is a section "The Beginnings of Coal-Gasification Research at Morgantown" which can be found on page 153.