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The purpose of the Upper Monongahela River Association (UMRA) is to promote the general development of the area encompassed by the drainage basin for the Upper Monongahela River, primarily in West Virginia. Primary concerns are economic development and quality of life issues related to the environment and recreational opportunities.

Activities directed towards this purpose include:

  • Recreational boating activities
  • Development of river-based facilities, eg, campsites, marinas, shore-side restaurants, etc., by government, commercial, and recreational organizations and entities, in support of recreation in the Upper Mon region.
  • Development of river-based commerce
  • Working with government, business, recreational, environmental, and civic organizations on behalf of UMRA goals
  • Congressional passage of legislation that adds boating recreation to the waterways mandates of the US Army Corps of Engineers (COE).
  • Ensuring that COE has sufficient funds to operate the locks on the Upper Monongahela, and other rivers, on schedules that fully facilitate river commerce and recreation, and, that COE has sufficient funds to maintain these locks.