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Our Mission

The purpose of UMRA is to promote the general development of the area encompassed by the drainage basin for the Upper Monongahela River in West Virginia. Our primary concerns are economic development and quality of life concerns related to the environment and recreational opportunities. Our activities directed towards this purpose include, but are not limited to, the following:

Encouraging the recreational boating activities, which includes powered boats and other powered watercraft, water skiing, non-powered boats (eg, rowboats, canoes, kayaks, racing and rowing shells, and sailboats), and, boating activities primarily for recreational fishing.

Encouraging the development of river-based facilities, such as campsites and trails, the preservation bridges for the recreational trails system in the region, river tours, swimming areas, boat launching ramps, marinas, shore-side restaurants, etc., by government, commercial, and private organizations in support of recreation in the Upper Mon region.

Encouraging the development of river-based commerce, and supporting shore-side facilities such as commercially-owned and publicly-owned river terminals, and businesses for building, repairing, maintaining, and storing commercial and recreational river crafts.

Encouraging the establishment of a public port authority, or other appropriate entity, for the Upper Monongahela River region in West Virginia, empowered to achieve the goals of the UMRA.