Mon County Commission: Drilling Letter Gets Approval

Morgantown Dominion Post
2 June 2011
By Tracy Eddy
The Monongalia County Commission voted to sign, seal and deliver a letter urging the governor and the state Legislature to come up with better regulations for Marcellus shale drilling during its Wednesday meeting.

Commissioners first agreed to write the letter during the commission’s May 18 meeting.

According to the letter, commissioners are concerned with the recent Marcellus shale drilling in Mon County. Two wells are being drilled in the Morgantown Industrial Park, which is in an unincorporated part of the county, near Dupont and River roads. Two permits have also been issued for sites near Blacksville.

“This issue is becoming so widespread that you, as Governor, and the WV Legislature must act quickly and responsibly to move towards an acceptable resolution,” the letter states. “Future consequences are unknown at this time. Please protect our citizens.”

The letter does not specifically mention a special session.

Commission President Asel Kennedy said the only way the state can come up with better regulations quickly is for the governor to call a special session.

“I would assume he would know that,” he said.

According to the letter, commissioners “strongly urge” the governor “to take a leadership role in assuring the health, safety and welfare of all West Virginians by working with the legislature to better control drilling activities throughout the state” on behalf of the residents the commission represents.

Commissioner Eldon Callen said he was pleased with the letter — it asks the governor and the legislature to get something done in regard to the issue.

“Their failure to act has caused a huge uproar,” he said.