Salvage Company Works on Sunken Boat in Mon

Morgantown Dominion Post
3 February 2016

STAR CITY — A salvage company worked Tuesday, Feb. 2, to raise a sunken boat along the Monongahela River in Star City.

Officials work to save a sinking ship Monday along the Monongahela River in Star City. - Ron Rittenhouse/
The Enchantress, owned by Grafton Mayor G. Thomas Bartlett III, began sinking Monday afternoon at Star City Riverfront Park.

Star City Police Chief Vic Propst said Marion Hill Associates, of Pittsburgh, used airbags to lift the boat Tuesday, so water could be pumped out. A large barge with a crane was then to be used to move the boat to a dry dock.

Those involved still weren’t sure what made the boat sink as of Tuesday afternoon.

Propst said Bartlett pays rent to keep his boat docked in Star City year-round and has done so for at least 10 years