DEP Developing TMDLs for some Mon Tributaries

Morgantown Dominion Post
8 June 2009

Submitted to The Dominion Post

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection will begin the process of developing Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL) for a number of Monongahela River tributary waters.

Streams of interest are between the confluence of the West Fork and Tygart rivers and the West Virginia/Pennsylvania border.

For 12 months, beginning July 1, the agency will gather in-stream water quality data.

Planned efforts include the sampling of 159 sites on 109 streams to monitor iron, aluminum, manganese, total suspended solids, fecal coliform, total dissolved solids and constitute ions of total dissolved solids.

Biological assessments will be performed at many locations. Information gathered through this process will guide the development of TMDLs.

A public meeting will be scheduled in the near future to present sampling plans and to provide an introduction to the TMDL development process.

The agency originally proposed to also pursue TMDL development in specific areas of the Little Kanawha watershed, but resource constraints do rot allow the work to be accomplished at this time.

The areas of study originally proposed will be addressed in a Little Kanawha River watershed effort at the next opportunity for the Hydrologic Group D Watershed Management Framework cycle.