Morgantown Cleans Up Campsites

Litter removed on river banks, near rail-trail

Morgantown Dominion Post
10 March 2012

City of Morgantown employees picked up litter and dismantled two — maybe three — campsites along the Monongahela River on Friday.

The city’s public works and engineering departments coordinate regular clean-up efforts, with assistance from the Morgantown Police Department, to keep the river banks clean and safe, according to a press release.

“We do it whenever it’s necessary and whenever weather permits,” Public Works Supervisor Kenny Holloway said. “This year, we were fortunate to have unseasonably warm weather to get a jumpstart on it.”

Eight to 10 people participated in the clean-up. Holloway said they dismantled and disposed of two or three makeshift campsites believed to be occupied by homeless individuals, though none were present at the time.

The campsites were located behind Mountaineer Court and Papa John’s Pizza, according to the release.

Holloway said they were made of tents, mattresses and other discarded items that were gathered.

Employees also did general litter removal, walking along the river banks and trail to pick up trash.

“These are positive efforts to maintain a quality of life that is as desirable as possible for Morgantown residents,” City Manager Terrence Moore said in the release. “Working to offer leadership and guidance to this effort goes a long way in achieving that.”