Ohio Company to Build Power Plant at Tygart Dam

The State Journal
15 May 2016
By Jim Ross

No one from Advanced Hydro Solutions was available to talk about the project, but the company’s website says construction on the $60 million project will begin as soon as the balance of permitting has been completed.

The Tygart Dam was built for flood control purposes and was completed in 1938. It includes a conduit that was part of the original construction to accommodate the possibility of future hydroelectric generation. The conduit currently is plugged.

FERC issued the construction license to Tygart LLC, a subsidiary of AHS, April 29.

The project will include a new steel intake structure, a new 121-foot-long by 99-foot-wide concrete powerhouse containing two vertical generator units, a new excavated 60-foot-wide by 160-foot-long tailrace, a new 1.55-mile-long, 138-kilovolt transmission line and two new switchyards. 

Operation of the power plant will be controlled remotely. The plant is expected to generate about 108,600 megawatt-hours of electricity annually.

The project boundary encloses about 1 acre of land owned and managed by the Pittsburgh District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and about 7 acres of privately owned land, including land needed for the transmission line right-of-way. The construction license requires Tygart LLC to improve parking, install trash receptacles and provide restrooms at the informal tailrace access area located on the west side of the Tygart River, provided that Tygart is able to obtain sufficient rights to construct and maintain these amenities.

Tygart also is required to monitor water quality upstream and downstream of the power plant, provide annual monetary reimbursement to the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources for fish killed because of the project’s operation, construct a fishing pier at the tailrace access area on the left bank downstream of the dam, extend the existing Grafton City Park boat ramp by 30 feet and build two parking spaces at the ramp.