W.Va. Coal Production Grows Despite Electric Utility Cutbacks

The State Journal
18 November 2011

West Virginia remains firmly in second place among coal-producing states, according to statistics released recently by the Energy Information Administration.

West Virginia produced about 70.5 million tons in the first of the year, behind Wyoming's production of 211 million tons and ahead of third-place Kentucky's 54.7 million.

Pennsylvania produced 29.3 million tons, Ohio 13.9 million, Virginia 11.8 million and Maryland 1.2 million.

West Virginia's production was 3.5 percent ahead of the first half of last year, led mainly by a 9.5 percent increase in the northern part of the state vs. an increase of only 1.0 percent in the southern counties.

The EIA reported coal exports increased to about 27 million tons in the second quarter, compared with 22 million tons in the second quarter a year ago.

Nationwide coal consumption by electric utilities was 458.8 million in the first half of 2011, down from 476.1 million, or about 3.6 percent, in the first half of last year.