DNR Wildlife Diversity Gets an 'Attaboy'

Charleston Gazette
13 December 2013


If no one has given an "attaboy" to the state Division of Natural Resources Wildlife Diversity program, then this is long overdue. All the publications and website are well done and help create a positive image of the state. Among the many natural-science educational materials are:

I need to recognize at least two individuals for their efforts on the above: Jim Fregonara and Art Shomo, both in the DNR Outreach program.

(Not to slight the game program and all their publications and educational efforts, especially the excellent annual Hunting and Fishing Day over at Stonewall Resort.)

I would encourage as wide a distribution as possible. The cost of the free materials is worth it many times over for the good PR it gives the state. They will undoubtedly help lead to numerous return visits to our state's public lands and parks. West Virginia has produced some of the most prominent and renowned naturalists in the Appalachians, such giants as Earl Core, A.B. Brooks, and Maurice Brooks, and I think they would be proud.

Andy Stump