New York Company Wants to Retrofit Rivesville Power Station

Associated Press
3 May 2012


A New York company wants to retrofit the old coal-fired Rivesville Power Station to run on synthetic gas and build a Fairmont plant to produce synthetic diesel from trash.

WBOY-TV reported that Allied Geo-Plasma Energy Services mainly works abroad but wants to expand U.S. operations.

Chairman Paul Muncy said Allied uses coal and other carbon-based feedstock to create what it calls syn-gas. He said it's wrong-headed to burn coal for power when up to 40,000 chemical products can be extracted from that coal through conversion.

Muncy claims he can retrofit old coal-fired plants to create co-generation plants that meet zero-emission standards.

He's also contemplating a municipal solid waste plant on 20 acres with river and barge access.

Allied faces legal and regulatory hurdles, but Muncy said he's got the money.