US Army Corps of Engineers Monongahela River Watershed Assessment

US Army Corps of Engineers Release
21 November 2011

Contact: Ashley R. Petraglia
Environmental Resource Specialist
US Army Corps of Engineers
1000 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

The US Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburgh District's Initial Watershed Assessment for the Monongahela River Watershed is now available for public review and comment.

The Initial Watershed Assessment describes existing environmental conditions within the watershed and identifies water resource problems most prevalent within the basin.

The report can be downloaded in .PDF format from:

The Pittsburgh District in partnership with Greene County, Pennsylvania will now begin a follow-on Final Watershed Assessment study phase.  The result will be completion of a Watershed Plan for the Monongahela River Basin.  The overarching goal of the study is to provide a water resource management strategy for the Monongahela River watershed that seeks sustainable water resources management while taking into consideration environmental protection, economic development and social well-being.

The Final Watershed Assessment will ultimately be used as a planning tool and will make holistic recommendations and identify potential solutions to water resource problems in the basin.  The areas to be considered in the assessment are 1)water quality and water quantity problems and 2) flooding and water resource infrastructure.

If you would like to comment on the report, please feel free to submit to by December 16th. There is also a link for comment submittal located on the website.

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