ARDC Restructures 2016 Lock Schedule

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3 May 2016

The Allegheny River Development Corporation has worked hard over the last several years raising funds to open the locks on the Upper Allegheny.  However, this year they didn’t get the locks opened as often as they had hoped.  Although it wasn’t because of a lack of funding, it was because of a lack of staffing.  While they were disappointed, there is still plenty of good news.

The ARDC set out a very ambitious plan for lock operations for the 2016 recreational boating season.  Unfortunately, due to the stringent requirements imposed on the US Army Corps of Engineers for hiring lock operators, they were unable to staff all of the hours that were requested by the ARDC.

While they didn’t get all of the hours they requested, they still were able to increase operations over 2015.  Last summer they operated 1,410 hours of lock time.  This summer, the ARDC requested 2140 operations hours.  After the ARDC board members met with USACE Operations Management, they were able to work out a schedule that managed to preserve 2,005 hours of lock operations - and most of the long weekends that were scheduled.  In addition, as new lock operators complete training, they may be able to add hours back into the schedule.

While fundraising and grants have been enough to get the locks open again, the long term goals are to get the USACE to fund the summer weekend operations.  With increased recreational usage, the USACE may see the value in keeping the locks open and begin to fund the basic operations once again.

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