Spring Edition of Surface Owners' News Available

Survey on Effects of Shale Development

WV Surface Owners' Rights Organization
1 April 2011

The Spring 2011 edition of Surface Owners' News is now available at http://www.wvsoro.org

While much of the legislative news will be familiar to folks on our e-list, this edition of also contains useful advice on water testing and whether or not to sign lease amendments. There's also a write-up on our new guide on points to consider when deciding whether to sign a pipeline right-of-way agreement. (The guide is available here.)  We wrap-up this edition with local community news from Hampshire County and Lewisburg.  We're sure there are things that we missed or did have room to include in this issue, and we welcome suggestions and submissions.

Please send your community news or calendar items to julie@wvsoro.org for inclusion in further newsletter or e-mail updates.

Student Seeks Participation in Survey on Effects of Marcellus Shale Development

Joanna Gallagher, an undergraduate at Salford University in Manchester (England) working toward a degree in Environmental Health is gathering information for her dissertation on the environmental impacts of shale gas extraction in America and its possible implications for Europe. Joanna hopes to get a better understanding of the problems experienced by those people directly effected by the extraction process and has designed a brief questionnaire to be completed by people who currently live in natural gas drilling areas, or who are involved with the industry.  Participation is voluntary and any information provided will be completely confidential. In order to view or complete the questionnaire, please visit


For more information, please contact Joanna directly at j.k.gallagher@edu.salford.ac.uk.