Caiman Fined $224,000 For Discharge Into Fish Creek

Wheeling Intelligencer 
20 January 2012
By Casey Junkis, Staff Writer

CAMERON - For allegedly creating a "brown plume of suspended solids and sludge blanket" in Fish Creek last year, the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection is fining Caiman Energy nearly $224,000.

"Caiman believes in respect for people and the environment. We have a strong, cooperative relationship with the DEP and we're working closely with them on this matter," said Casey Nikoloric, Caiman's spokeswoman.

As Caiman - a company that plans to invest $1.3 billion in natural gas processing and fractionation infrastructure in Marshall County by the end of 2014 - continues building plants and pipelines, the firm hired a subcontractor to perform some work last year. A DEP report notes that in February of last year, this subcontractor built a pipeline through an unnamed tributary to Fish Creek. This action allegedly caused pollution in the stream.

The DEP report also states that Caiman's subcontractor allegedly constructed a stream crossing with stream rubble and dredged material from the creek. The company also allegedly did not construct proper "erosion and sediment control structures."

"This is an issue that involves a contractor that is no longer working for us and is, in fact, insolvent," said Nikoloric, declining to name the subcontractor.