Monongahela River Locks Are Reopened

27 June 2015
By Kalea Gunderson
The Mon River is the source of water to over 100,000 residents, but it's usefulness goes much farther. The locks on the river will now be opened to allow commerce and recreation that wouldn't be available otherwise...
Elected officials of the city of Morgantown, Granville and Star City, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, a representative of WVU and others took a cruise on the Monongahela River in the 52 foot coastal cruiser, the Enchantress. The Upper Monongahela River Association sponsored the tour to review just how important the river is to the region and to celebrate the reopening of the locks on the river.
We have a group of elected officials the four mayors, the president of the chamber of commerce many other officials were touring the upper mom river looking and reviewing the importance of the river to our way of life," said President of the Upper Monongahela River Association, Barry Pallay.
Several cities and towns came together to form this coalition two years ago and are finally seeing the results through reopening the river. The river is used for industrial purposes, but also recreation such as bass fishing tournaments, boating and crew team.
"So it's really important for all of these uses that the locks are open. It's what makes the river navigable so that people who want to use the river can use it, so it's been very important and very desirable to get everyone working together and contributing so that we can keep this resource for our own use and not have our river essentially shut down," Mayor of Morgantown, Jenny Selin said.
The Upper Monongahela River Association has several other initiatives in the works to enhance the region.
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