WCI Reacts To President’s Fy ’16 Budget Request

Waterways Council, Inc
3 February 2015

Washington, DC – Waterways Council, Inc. (WCI) reacted to the FY 2016 budget request made by President Obama yesterday, as detailed below. 

The budget

The Corps’ Civil Works Work Plan Fiscal Year 2015 (how the Corps will spend the money it received) is online at

The work plan allocates funding for FY ‘15 as follows: 

Olmsted Lock and Dam Project will receive $205 million (a $45 million increase); Lower Mon 2, 3, 4 will get $58 million (a $49 million increase); and Kentucky Lock will receive $12 million (all $12 million is from additional funds provided by Congress). Only $106 million of the Congressionally-mandated $112 million increase for IWTF-funded projects is being allocated in the workplan, leaving $6 million unallocated.

In a press release issued today, Michael J. Toohey, WCI President/CEO, said, “Given recent austere budget proposals for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, it is not surprising that the Administration has slashed FY ’16 transportation infrastructure funding, but it is nonetheless disappointing to see so little appropriations funding requested for lock and dam modernization in a Presidential budget portrayed as focused on infrastructure investment.  In fact, a new National Waterways Foundation study indicates that if 21 priority navigation projects on our inland waterways could be completed at an estimated total cost of just $5.8 billion, the 20-year sum of related economic output activity would exceed $82 billion that would benefit our nation’s overall economy.”