Latest Hydrograph Forecast Update to Mississippi River

Waterways Council Release
28  December 2012

In an effort to keep members informed of the ever-changing hydrograph forecasts, yesterday the Corps of Engineers again released water storage from Carlyle Lake.  The latest projections indicate that this release, along with the current weather forecast, will cause the river gauge at Thebes to reach 3 (10-foot depth) around January 7; 2 (9-foot depth) around January 15, and 1 (8-foot depth) around January 23.  The Corps also suggests that its rock pinnacle removal efforts may begin to have an impact on the controlling depths around January 20, but that is still to be determined.

The continued uncertainty regarding what drafts will be available continues to choke freight movements just as much as the low water itself.  Without certainty that the water will be there when barges reach Thebes, shippers continue to light-load based on worst-case scenarios, or continue to cancel  trips altogether.

WCI and other stakeholders continue to press the White House, Congress and the States for assurances that the water will be there when barge shipments arrive in order to prevent economic loss.  We will continue to keep you informed.