UMRA Takes 'Victory Lap' with Elected Officials Through Mon River Locks

20 June 2015
By Nick Farrell

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STAR CITY - Last month, the Upper Mon River Association and Army Corps of Engineers announced and agreement to keep two locks on the Monongahela River open during select weekends this summer. Saturday, elected officials who worked together to ensure that agreement took a tour of the river.  

Representatives from Monongalia and Marion counties traveled on the river with UMRA members and president Barry Pallay. Funding from the area will open the Hildebrand and Opakiska locks this summer, making river travel from Morgantown to Fairmont possible.  

Pallay called the tour a "victory lap," saying its time to dream up new ways to utilize the river.

“It's [time] to open a new chapter in our efforts here," said Pallay. "We've been underway negotiating the reopening of the locks for two years – and we've succeeded now. The most important part now is to re-grow commerce and recreation and development on the upper Mon River.”

The partnership between UMRA and local officials was also supported at the state level.