Boaters Begin to Remove Boats From Tygart Lake

11 July 2012
By Kelsey Pape, Marion and Taylor County Reporter

TAYLOR COUNTY - Boaters came out to Tygart Lake Wednesday to take their boats out of the marina.

With water levels dropping at a half a foot a day, Tygart Lake has given boaters a deadline to remove their boats from the Marina.

Krista Perks has lived in Grafton her entire life and said she has never seen anything like this.

"We have boated up here for nine years previously and now we have decided to get back into boating with our daughter," she said. "Now we have no water to boat."

Tygart Lake will remain open even though the marina is closing down. Many said the low water levels aren't going to stop them from enjoying the lake this summer.

They said they will access the lake from Pleasant Creek or find other places to go.

"I have a home there right next to Cheat Lake so I will probably be having most of my adventures there," said Morgantown resident Adam DeVault.

The marina is closing two months earlier than usual and park officials said summer reservations are already being canceled.

Boaters are upset but said you can't blame anyone but mother nature.

"Nobody's happy about it," said Grafton resident Bill Poling. "It's nobody's fault. You can't point a finger. So mother nature, she is rough with us sometimes and we just take the good with the bad."

Boaters have until this Sunday, July 15, to remove their boats from the marina.