Oil Spills into Scott's Run Creek After I-79 Tanker Truck Accident

8 May 2015
By Megan Hudock, Reporter

MORGANTOWN - A tanker truck overturned on Interstate 79 on Friday afternoon. afternoon, backing up traffic for several hours near mile marker 156.

After that truck overturned there were some concerned residents in Osage. Some Oil leaked into the Scott's Run Creek.

"The smell came first, then Charlie, my next door neighbor, came over and got me and said come down here and I want you to look at the Creek. I walked down to his place behind his house and Jesus Criminy, It's a mess," said Larry Taylor, Osage Resident.

Residents along the creek are concerned for their health. As soon as the Osage area is entered, fumes from the spill can immediately be detected. There are also several patches of oil through the stream.

"It's affecting my lungs, it's affecting it real bad, and I can feel it too, I can feel my chest tightening up," said Taylor.

The residents feel that they are being ignored out in Osage. Their hope is to have the creek water cleaned up before it affects the wildlife in.

"It's like we've just been lost up here, no one wants to help us. It's been like this for years. Everytime we ask the county commissioners for help they always give us the run around or something," said Taylor

The residents live just yards from the creek and are constantly breathing in the fumes. Some are evacuating while are others are deciding to stay.

"I'm going to stay here at home tonight, I'm going to take my chances here tonight. Nobody ever officially came out and said what we smell, don't know if it was something dangerous or it could have just been some pancake syrup or something," said Willy Campbell, Osage Resident.

"I just hope they get down here and help us," said Charles Coulter.

The Interstate opened back up at about 9:30 p.m. Friday evening and traffic returned back to normal.