DEP Hosts A Water Quality Meeting at FSU

14 May 2014
By Allen Clayton, Photographer

Wednesday evening Fairmont State University hosted the Department of Environmental Protection’s water quality meeting.

The meeting discussed the total maximum daily load development effort, they are doing on the main-stem Monongahela River. The DEP said their effort over the next four years is Fecal Coliform based on the violations that they’ve discovered on the Monongahela River.

Fecal Coliform is a bacteria that can cause problems such as stomach illnesses and other problems.

DEP said one way to look at the total maximum daily load (TMDL) is a budget for pollutants that is designed around stream criteria. They also said the TMDL will set reductions of pollutants where they’re needed so that it reduces the bacteria count going into the river so that it meets criteria.

“The effort is designed to minimize or eliminate discharges of fecal coliform into the Monongalia River,” said Jim Laine, Environmentalist Resource Specialist Supervisor.

The DEP said the best way the public can get involved is to understand their public sewers, and to know what they can do to eliminate untreated sewage going into the river.  The next Department of Environmental Protection’s water quality meeting will be scheduled sometime in the Summer of 2016.