Upper Monongahela River 2017 Summer Lock Hours

The Upper Monongahela River Association is pleased to announce the 2017 operating dates and times for recreational boats at the Opekiska Lock and Hildebrand Lock on the Monongahela River.

Labor costs for these operations a paid from non-federal contributions, primarily from West Virginia agencies and organizations. The hours selected are based primarily on scheduled fishing tournaments because the largest number of users are engaged in this activity. All types of recreational boats are welcome during operating hours.

The Start and Finish times listed are for lock operation, and are based on US Army Corps of Engineers work hours. If you plan to lock in both directions, remember to check with lock master for the time of last lockage for the day.

The Morgantown Lock will be open on weekends from 7:00 AM -3:00 PM. These are subject to change so check back for updates.

Date Start Time Finish Time

20-May-17 7:00 14:00

27-May-17 7:00 16:00

3-June-17 7:00 16:00

4-June-17 7:00 16:00

24-June-17 7:00 14:00

25-June-17 7:00 14:00

1-July-17 7:00 16:00

22-July-17 7:00 16:00

5-Aug-17 7:00 16:00

26-Aug-17 7:00 16:00

2-Sept-17 7:00 16:00

23-Sept-17 7:00 16:00

7-Oct-17 7:00 16:00

8-Oct-17 7:00 16:00

Click here for a .PDF version of this information.

There is a WV DNR website that lists additional 2017 FISHING TOURNAMENT DATES:


Announcement date: May 08, 2017