W.Va. Bass Federation Tournament Coming To Fairmont

The event starts June 18.

The State Journal
1 June 2011
By Lisa Robbins

FAIRMONT -- An exclusive bass tournament will come to Marion County in a couple of weeks.

The West Virginia Bass Federation says hundreds of people from across the state will visit June 18-19.

They'll be fishing on the Mon River.

The Marion County Commission has agreed to donate $3,000 to the tournament.

Commissioner Butch Tennant says it will be good for the economy and bring a lot of business to Marion County hotels and restaurants.

"They will be fishing the whole Mon River and clear into Tygart Valley. It will probably bring a couple hundred of people into town for it. There's $3,000 worth of prizes they are giving away," he said.

This will be Fairmont's first time to host the tournament.