Proposed EPA Clean Boating Requirements

BoatU.S. Release
4 April 2011

The U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA) is developing future clean boating requirements for all recreational boats in the next few months, and they need to hear from you. During April, they are hosting weekly "webinars" to solicit boater input (April 6 - 6 pm, April 14 - 8 pm, April 22 - 10 am, and April 25 - 12 pm; all eastern time). I'm writing to encourage you to participate in one of these online events.

For more information on the webinars and to register in advance (which is required):

A specific list of proposed requirements is not yet available. We do know that sewage will not be discussed or covered - it's part of a different law. EPA is looking at several broad categories of vessel discharges:

    * Antifouling paints and zincs
    * Graywater (from showers and sinks)
    * Bilge water (with concern about oil and grease, which is already illegal to discharge)
    * Cleaning products/maintenance practices
    * Disposal of garbage and fishing waste
    * Transport of invasive species

We need you to help EPA know that any new mandatory "management practices" must be based in science, and should be reasonable, practical, and economical. You should share with EPA the clean boating practices that you already employ, or that can be easily adopted within your boating. For ideas:

For additional information on this topic from BoatU.S. go to:

You may also submit questions, comments or concerns directly to CleanBoatingAct-HQ@EPA.GOV before June 2, 2011.

For more info from EPA:

It is crucial that EPA hear from a variety of boaters on this topic. We hope you can tune into one of these sessions so that EPA can gain your perspective.