WV Driller to Pay $177K for Wetlands Damage

Associated Press 
29 November 2012

CLARKSBURG (AP) — A natural gas driller will pay $177,500 to settle charges it disturbed wetlands and streams while building well pads and pipelines in Harrison County.

The Environmental Protection Agency announced the terms of an administrative consent order with PDC Mountaineer of Bridgeport on Thursday. It requires the company to restore wetlands and complete mitigation projects at four sites associated with the D'Annunzio and Hudkins well pads.

PDCM does not admit any wrongdoing.

EPA says the driller failed to obtain federal permits required to disturb or fill wetlands and streams. Further investigation found it had committed other violations while building two pipelines.

In all, EPA says some 1,500 feet of stream were permanently affected, while some 3,000 feet were temporarily damaged.

The wetlands and streams ultimately flow into the West Fork River.