Moved by XXXXX, seconded by XXXXX, that the XXX adopt the following resolution and fax the resolution to Congressman Mollohan:

Date: XXX


WHEREAS, due to severe budget cuts, the Pittsburgh District of the US Army Corps of Engineers has cut the hours of operation of the Morgantown, Hildebrand, and, Opekiska locks on the Upper Mon in WV to the point where river commerce and long-range recreational boating are badly hurt, and;

WHEREAS, economic development of the Upper Mon region in WV is stymied by the Hildebrand and Opekiska locks being totally closed all year except for the hours of 12:30PM to 8:20PM Saturdays, Sundays and holidays during the recreational boating season, and:WHEREAS, with the Morgantown lock now cut to dayshift only (7AM-3PM) all year (but with Morgantown lock conforming to Hildebrand - Opekiska schedule during recreational boating season),which virtually halts both commercial and long-range recreational boating south of the Morgantown lock;


(1) Supports the "Interim Solution Upper Mon Lock Hours" proposed via letter fax to Congressman Mollohan by the Upper Monongahela River Association Incorporated on 10 May 2004, calling for our three Upper Mon locks to be open from 6AM to 10PM on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and, holidays during the 1 May - 31 October recreational boating season, until such time as these three locks are restored to 24/7 operations all year, either through implementation of Congressman Mollohan's initiative for remote operations of these locks from the Point Marion lock, or by funding sufficient to staff our three Upper Mon locks with lock operators, and;

(2) The XXX feels that the modest $100K annual cost of the "Interim Solution Upper Mon Lock Hours" is feasible even in these times of federal budget difficulties, and, would enable the MRRC and other organizations to pursue the overall economic and recreational development of our Upper Mon region in WV, and;

(3) The XXX fully supports Congressman Mollohan's initiative to provide for remote operation of our three Upper Mon locks from the Point Marion lock.