August 3, 2004

Mr. Donald C. Strimbeck, Secretary

Upper Monongahela River Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 519

Granville, WV 26534-0519

Dear Mr. Strimbeck:

Thank you for contacting this Congressional office with a copy of your letter to Senator Byrd in which you express your support for provisions under the Water Resources Development Act of 2004 (WRDA). l appreciate hearing from you on this matter.

As you arc aware, the House passed WRDA on September 24, 2003 by a vole of 412 - 8, and the bill bas been in the Senate for that body's consideration since that time. Please rest assured, however, that I will keep your views firmly in mind should this legislation come back before the House for my consideration in the form of either a Senate proposal or a Conference Report.

As always, your interests and concerns are very important to me.

With warm regard, I am



Member of Congress