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Friday 29 September 2000

Senator Robert C. Byrd
311 Senate Hart Office Building

Washington DC 20510


Dear Senator Byrd:

The Fall 2000 issue of Pontoon & Deck Boat indicates that Representative Deal (Republican, 9th District, Georgia) introduced a bill entitled THE NATIONAL RECREATION LAKES ACT OF 2000, last April. What Representative Deal seeks to accomplish with his bill (HR 4299) is akin to what our UPPER MONONGAHELA COMMITTEE FOR BETTER BOATING hopes that you and Congressman Mollohan can "pull off" re our lock hours issue.

Representative Deal has highlighted the need for more attention to be paid to the needs of recreational boating and fishing on our nation's lakes. Unfortunately, his bill appears not to address the same recreational needs on our navigable rivers. But, of course, a few sentences could modify his draft bill to encompass navigable waterways with locks and dams, in addition to his focus on man-made lakes created by flood control dams.

As our committee has stated many times, we don't see this need for Congress to improve recreational boating and fishing opportunities as a partisan issue. Thus, perhaps a bipartisan coalition in Congress could address these needs. In addition to Representative Deal, I believe that other allies might include Representative Zack Wamp (R-TN) and Representative Jim Saxton (R-NJ). And, I'm sure that there are other boaters and fishers lurking about in Congress who'd "pile on" this issue, given the opportunity!

And, of course, as I've stated before in letters to you, I don't expect to see close congressional scrutiny of these recreational boating and fishing issues until the new congress and administration take office next January. I realize that congress needs to get appropriations done ASAP so that you-all can close up shop and go home to campaign.


DCS ltr to Pontoon & Deck Boat

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