Dear Mr. Strimbeck:

I have received your most recent letter in further reference to your interest in extending the hours of operation of locks and dams on the Upper Monongahela River. I appreciate your enclosing an article about tourism and its impact on the future economy of West Virginia and a copy of a letter that you sent to Governor-Elect Bob Wise. The points that you raise are noted. I understand that you will be contacting me further regarding your specific interest in the National Recreation Lakes Act and your suggestion for amending this legislation.

In addition, I have also noted your interest in obtaining copies of legislation recently passed by Congress. Pursuant to your request, I am enclosing a copy of H.R. 4475, the Fiscal Year (FY) 2001 Transportation Appropriations Bill. (P.L. 106-346 is not yet available in print.) Additionally, I hope that since writing to me you have received my November 29 letter to you which enclosed a copy of the FY 2001 Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development Appropriations bill. As you may be aware, the FY 2001 Energy and Water Development Appropriations bill was incorporated in the measure.

As we approach the beginning of the new millennium, I wish you a happy Christmas season and a continued spirit of joy in the New Year.

With kind regards, I am

Sincerely yours, /s/ Robert C. Byrd