Upper Monongahela River Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 519
Granville, WV 26534-0519

Tuesday 24 January 2006

Senator Robert C. Byrd
300 Virginia Street, Suite 2630
Charleston WV 25301
202-224-3954 (fax 228-0002)
304-342-5855 (fax 343-7144)

RE: National Waterways Conference initiative re low-use waterways.

Dear Senator Byrd:

Worth Hager, President, NWC, advises that influential commercial interests are concerned about the plight of low-use waterways. This will be discussed at a meeting this Thursday 26 January.

Any effort to increase lock hours and the Operations and Maintenance budget for such waterways of course gets support from UMRA, River Navigation Coalition, Boaters are Voters, Pirates of the Allegheny, and, Mon River Buffs Association. What helps river commerce also helps us recreational boaters!

I ask that you support this NWC initiative. And, by copy of this this letter, I also ask that Senator Rockefeller, Congressman Mollohan, Congressman Rahall, and, Congressman Murtha, support this effort.

We also request your support for the Water Resources Development Act of 2006. I understand there is a need to get Senator Frist to bring the bill to the floor of the Senate.

Also, Captain George Boyle, US Coast Guard Auxiliary and head of Boaters are Voters, will attend the NWC budget summit in Washington on 8-9 March 2006. This will be George's third budget summit on our behalf, and he will talk to representatives of members of Congress attending the budget summit.



Donald C. Strimbeck, Secretary

304-599-7585 (fax 4131)

cc via fax:

Senator Rockefeller: 202-224-6472 & 304-367-0122; FAX 202-224-7665 & 304-367-0822.

Congressman Rahall: 202-225-3452 & 304-522-6425; FAX 202-225-3402 & 304-529-5716.

Congressman Murtha: 202-225-2065 & 814-535-2642; FAX 202-225-5709 & 814-539-6229.

Congressman Mollohan: 202-225-4172 & 304-292-3019; FAX 202-225-7564 & 304-292-3027.

Worth Hager, President, National Waterways Conference Inc., 4650 Washington Blvd., #608, Arlington VA 22201. 703-243-4090 (FAX 4155). Cell 703-786-0258. Email worth@waterways.org. Website www.waterways.org.