Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Association (AIWA)

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Alexandria, VA 22310
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Executive Director: Rosemary M. Lynch

February 05, 2004 email from Rosemary Lynch to Don Strimbeck:

I'd like to fill you in on some or our recent activities re the Corps Budget and the AIWW. I called a meeting 2 weeks ago and invited staff from all the Congressional offices that represent the AIWW from VA through FL. Dean Mitchell, COS for Rep McIntrye (NC) was very interested in helping us. I asked that an Inland Waterway Congressional Caucus be formed and Rep. McIntyre has agreed to co chair with Rep. Dolittle (CA). Worth Hager, Pres. Of NWC is taking the lead and working with the House to get the caucus started.

We are also beginning a major campaign to "Save the Waterway". I hope to have details on our web page early next week.


The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (AIWW) was authorized by the Rivers & Harbors act of 1938. That legislation declared that a 12-foot channel depth was necessary to, "...allow the use of larger vessels by common, contract, and private carriers." Also, for recreational and pleasure craft operators, a deeper channel would result in, "...a reduction of hazard to life and vessels" meaning that larger crafts could travel safer inshore than offshore. In the 61 years since that legislation was passed by Congress, increasing maintenance costs, changing budget targets and environmental concerns have resulted in a deferment of regular maintenance schedules in the AIWW. In July 1999 the AIWA was formed to ensure that the long neglected waterway would receive the attention it was promised in 1938.

The initial AIWA membership was comprised mostly of commercial users of the AIWW, primarily inland shipping companies. Over the years, our membership has significantly broadened to include recreational users, marinas, engineers, consultants, lawyers, and local government officials (JOIN AIWA NOW). Two organizations have been key to our early success: Dredging Contractors of America (DCA) and BoatUS. DCA graciously provided staff to get the AIWA up and running while BoatUS has helped with organization and membership.

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