Don's Aluminum Skiff

Here's Don's latest boat. It was captured on film at Two Rivers Marina in Dilner, PA on one of its first runs. Don in the yellow shirt, Larry in blue. You can tell by the look on Don's face that they were about to start home from a session at the restaurant table.

Owner: Don Strimbeck

Home Port: Granville, WV

Hull Material: Aluminum

Length: 16 feet.

Built: 2005

Engine: 40 HP Mercrury Outboard

The Tosspot was big enough, and fast enough, but aging as fast as Don himself. The new boat came from Bill's Marine, Oakland Maryland, and Don has them put it in and out and store it for him.

Don uses it to get to lunch at the few marinas on the Upper Mon, and occasionally attending river events.

He added a "drive-on" section to his dock, so the boat is rarely in the water.