Captain George
22 Werner Camp Road
Pittsburgh PA 15238

Senator Robert C. Byrd
300 Virginia Street, Suite 2630
Charleston WV 25301

Dear Senator Byrd:

You are recently in receipt of correspondence from Donald Strimbeck of the Upper Monongahela River Association Inc. regarding request for support for the Pittsburgh District U. S. Army Corps of Engineers in connection with the Water Resources Development Act of 2004.

I will not be redundant and repeat the information supplied by Mr. Strimbeck. Suffice to say that Boaters Are Voters organization supports the position of the Upper Monongahela River Associations and anything that you and your fellow Senators can do to assist the Pittsburgh Corps of Engineers in funding that will be sufficient to sustain the operations of the navigational locks on the Upper Monongahela and Upper Allegheny Rivers will be sincerely appreciated.

Very truly yours,


Captain George Boyle, Executive Director

Phone: (724) 274-8501 FAX (724) 274-4865