Documents Related to CONSOL Water Processing from Blacksville Mines

On September 2, 2005 Region III of the US EPA issued an injection well permit to CNX Energy for a site near the creek. The well was permitted for the disposal of brines from coal bed methane wells. You can view the permit information which we have obtained as a .PDF file of a FAX.

We have also obtained .PDF files of two documents related to CONSOL's water treatment plans for chlorides in from AMD (Acid Mine Drainage) in Northern West Virginia.

One is a WV-DEP order issued in 2004 which would have required CONSOL to have US EPA approval for continued discharges from nine outfalls. This is a 309K .pdf file.

The other is a Progress Report prepared by CONSOL in August 2008 to show how it would treat the non-complying AMD discharges. The plan essentially says "we gathered data and talked about it." CONSOL's proposed next steps call for submission of a Phase II compliance Plan by 31 January 2009 and submission of permit applications by 1 January 2010. It contains some maps of water sampling locations. This is a 2Meg .pdf file.

In early October the PA-DEP sent strong letters regarding disolved solids discharges from the CONSOL operations. We have received .PDF files of three letters:

One to the WV-DEP was a request for more stringent controls on discharges from Blacksville mines. PA-DEP to WV-DEP - 2 October 2009

One sent to the US-EPA Philadelphia office
was a request for withdrawal of Underground Injection Control permit for the Morris Run well operated by CNX Gas. PA-DEP to US-EPA - 5 October 2009

One was sent to CONSOL relating to connections between the Blacksville #1 and the Blacksville #2 mines and the discharge of chlorides into Dunksard Creek.
PA-DEP to CONSOL - Request for Information - 7 October 2009